Create just what you need for your Perfect Business with Honestis.Network software.

Honestis.Network is NEO+ as it is 100% private under H.N D.A.O.2.0. control.

Honestis.Network is your personal path, where you
define how it crosses other people's paths in society, providing
you with a safe journey around it and your
individuality at a pace that suits you and your needs.

Honestis.Network is a new way to communicate, trade and expose your identity. Identity which is based on your relations.
Portable Digital Identity that will bring credibility, which is in our collective interest. Make money on your effort and data. Collect trust forever.

Honestis.Network is a more than NEO+ as it is PRIVATE. Honestis bring your life to the next level of security and privacy. You’ll be on your own path, and you’ll define your own way of engaging others. Your journey will be safe. Its pace will match your needs.

Social media has become an everyday activity, and the truth is that its purpose is to consume your time, making you click ads and buy things you don’t need. The fact is, that the crucial element of today’s social media is ads effectiveness. Without it, social media wouldn’t exist.

Decentralized applications based on blockchain and p2p technology clouds, fogs and grids have no agenda. The infrastructure is users, community itself. There is no operator forcing a way of behavior. Token economy model works like that. It’s not about a single’s company income. It’s about a product, its quality, transparency, and community